Skinny jeans FIXED!


Hello everyone! So It's been a verryyyyy long time since I tried to fix those jeans but I always had an issue with it.... Thanks to @teanmoon and @deetron-sims for the big big big help!

So here you go it is fixed you won't get your townies to be embarassed anymore with those jeans :) I will start working on the other jeans aswell! I hope you will enjoy!

  • Base game compatible
  • 10 swatches
DOWNLOAD (simfileshare + adfly)


Celia hair


  • 18 ea colors
  • If you use, please tag me I want to see the result! :)
  • Not hat compatible
♥  ————————-T.O.U—————————  ♥
  • You CAN recolor/retexture but please don’t include the mesh 
  • Do not upload on paysites
  • Don’t claim as your own 
 ——————–DOWNLOAD———————-  ♥


Lina outfit


Hello everyone! So I am done with this outfit and I’m very happy how it turned out :) I tested it in game and didnt have any issues with it! Let me know if you get issues with it
  • Base game compatible
  • 12 swatches
  • All lods
DOWNLOAD HERE (simfileshare + adfly)

This is crazycupcake!


Hello everyone! Welcome to my blogger... I've decided to move here cause I don't want to have my account terminated with tumblr... Since I don't want to see all of my work gone in a click I will put all my stuff here :)

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